Brother Printer Offline

How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issues

Brother Printer Offline

If you are using a Brother printer, you may suffer from troubles while using it, for example, Brother Printer Offline issue. This issue can frustrate you. But, you do not worried about this kind of troubles. Here we provide you accomplish steps to fix Brother printer offline issues. So, let’s have a look:

1. Set Your Printer as a Default Printer

In the event that, your printer is not set as Default printer, it means your system will not choose the printer first when you try to print something.
1. Hold the Windows + R key. Type “Control” and press enter.
2. Under the control panel, click on Devices and Printers.
3. From printers, right-click on your Brother printing device and choose set as default printer.
4. Now your printer is set as a default printer.

2. Unpause the Printer and Set It’s Using Online

If you pause your printer or set it offline, it may not able to function properly.
1. Initially, open devices and printers in the control panel.
2. Next, right-click on the Brother printer you are utilizing and select see what’s printing.
3. From the windows pop up, tap on the printer and then choose open as administrator.
4. After that, click on Printer again. If you see pause printing and use printer offline are tricked, uncheck these items.
5. Then close the window and see if your printer is back online.

Step 3: Cancel All Printer Jobs

1. The first task you should do is that open devices and printers from the control panel.
2. Then you need to right-click on the brother printer you are using and pic “see what printing”.
3. On the windows pop up, click on the printer and then choose open as administrator.
4. After that, tap on “Cancel all documents” option.
5. Now click on yes to confirm your action.’
6. Afterward, close the windows and see if your printer gets back to normal.

Step 5: Update Printer Firmware

If you want to update the firmware of your Brother printer to fix some issues of your device, follow the beneath procedure:
1. First and foremost, visit Brother’s official website to download to download a software.
2. Next, search for the product you are utilizing.
3. From the downloads pages of your printing device, choose the operating system version you are utilizing and enter hit search.
4. Pull down to discover Firmware section, and choose Firmware Update Tool.
5. Click on Agree option. Then hot download button from the bottom of your device screen.
6. After performing the previous step, open the file and follow its instruction to update the firmware of your printer.

Step 6: Check Your Printer

Also, you need to confirm that your printer is turned on or waken from sleep mode when you see it is offline. Moreover, check the LCD screen of your printer and see if it shows an error message that you can troubleshoot.

Further, you can try restarting the printer and see if this fixes the issue. And you can follow the instructions of the printer to reset it to factory settings.

Apart from it, if you want to get more details about Brother, dial Brother Printer Offline to get an instant solution to get an instant solution to resolve your printer offline issue.