Lexmark Printer Offline

How To Lexmark Fix Printer Offline Issue?

Lexmark Printer Offline

If you encounter troubles while working with Lexmark Printer, do not think too much about it. Our technicians are available 24/7 to provide you complete support to resolve your Lexmark Printer offline issues. So, let’s have a look:

Step 1: Check the Physical Connection

Firstly, you need to confirm that both ends of the Ethernet cable/USB are well inserted into ports of a printer as well as a computer.

Step 2: Set Lexmark Printer “Online” Manually

1. Initially, move to the start button and then pick a Control Panel.
2. Next, click on “Devices & Printers” and find your printer.
3. Then right-click on your printer and choose “See what is printing”.
4. After that, you can see a window will pop-up on the screen where you need to choose the printer from the top bar.
5. Under the drop-down menu, pick “Use Printer Online” option.
6. Now your printer is successfully set up “Online” manually.

Step 3: Eliminate Pending Print Jobs

1. First and foremost, move to “See what’s printing”.
2. Then right-click and tap on cancel to remove print jobs that are present at that moment.
3. Next, again choose “Use Printer Online”.
4. If still, there exist any stubborn print jobs then restart your Lexmark Printer and computer.

Step 4: Remove and Reinstall Lexmark Printer

1. The first task you should do move to “Device and Printers” and then right-click on your printer.
2. Next, choose the option “Remove Device”.
3. Then again add your printer by utilizing “Add Printer” option by going through the Devices and Printers panel.

Step 5: Remove Drivers and Packages

1. Sign into your Windows operating system as “admin”.
2. Next, move to Start-> All Programs.
3. Then move to Accessories-> Command Prompt.
4. At the command prompt screen, type “printui/ s/ t2” and press Enter.
5. By doing this, you are redirected to “Print Server Properties” window.
6. Now, remove the Drivers and Packages for your Lexmark Printer.
7. Again add your Lexmark Printer by using “Add a Printer” from Devices and Printers panel.

So, that’s all about how to resolve Lexmark printer offline issues. Apart from it, if you are interested to get more detail about Lexmark printers, dial Lexmark printer offline tech support phone number 1-888-524-2670. All the technicians are available round the clock throughout the year to deal with your concerns.